Off-the-Shelf Microcontroller Development Kit

With support for thousands of off-the-shelf devices, Arm Development Studio is the software development tool suite to get you up and running quickly – irrespective of whether your project is running on one or a combination of Cortex-A/M/R processors. Development Studio includes two integrated development environments (IDEs) to help you tailor your workflow. It features Keil MDK which is dedicated to Cortex-M microcontroller development projects, whilst if you need maximum flexibility and scale in your choice of processor, then the powerful Development Studio IDE is ideal.

Accelerating Cortex-M MCU Projects

If you’re seeking to accelerate the development of your Cortex-M only microcontroller projects, then Arm Development Studio featuring Keil microcontroller development kit (MDK) is the perfect partner for the task. Based on the popular Windows®-based µVision® IDE and supporting over 5,000 Arm-based devices, Keil MDK allows developers to get up and running quickly.

  • Software packs extend applications with reusable software components
  • Royalty-free real-time operating system (RTOS) integration
  • Event Recorder and Component Viewer to show run-time behaviour of software components
  • Standardized software interfaces based on CMSIS for efficient code portability and reuse.

Simplifying Multi-Core Projects

Developing complex application processors requires a tool suite that scales with you as your projects grow. Development Studio does this as well as removing the inherent complexity involved in coding, building and testing multi-core projects.

  • Ideal for developing heterogeneous projects, multi-core Cortex-A and 64-bit Armv8 SoCs.
  • Supports heterogeneous debugging of Cortex-M bare-metal, Linux kernel and Linux applications running on Cortex-A
  • Supports Linux and Android
  • Using DSTREAM debug probes and the CoreSight capability within Cortex-A/M/R, developers can easily zoon into potential issues with precision.

Common Functionality Across Both IDEs



Arm Compiler

Arm C/C++ Compiler leads the way in performance, code density, architectural accuracy and safety for bare-metal and real-time OS applications on Arm. Based on over 25 years of investment in compiler technology and developed alongside the Arm architecture means that the Arm Compiler builds the most efficient code possible for Arm processors.


Connection to virtual prototypes

Shipping with fast and functionally accurate models known as Fixed Virtual Platforms, Development Studio enables software development in the absence of hardware. These models include the latest Arm processors, memory and peripherals and are a handy way to start software development early.

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ULINKpro lets you program, debug, and analyze applications on your device with MDK and Arm Development Studio. Control the processor, trace instructions, set breakpoints, and read/write to memory, all at full processor speed.



Second-generation high-performance debug probe, enabling maximum visibility into Arm processors with 2.4 Gbps parallel trace over 4 pins. Streams trace data directly to host PC, and includes system auto-detection with Arm Development Studio and a wide range of target connectors.

Fast Models

Fast Models

Fast Models are accurate, flexible programmer’s view models of Arm IP, allowing you to develop software such as drivers, firmware, OS, and applications prior to silicon availability.

Keil MDK Software Development Tool

Keil MDK

For development of Arm-based microcontroller applications, Keil MDK includes all the components to create, build, and debug embedded applications plus software packs to accelerate development.