Startups Unlock New Possibilities with Arm

Startups drive innovation. Arm works with startups across the industry, unlocking new possibilities with technologies and an environment where startups can thrive.


Together with our world-leading partner ecosystem, Arm provides startups and investors the confidence needed to translate a transformational idea from inspiration into production. See how Arm supports startups with free access to IP, solutions, tools, support, and our software ecosystem.

Helping Your Startup Succeed

Hear from leading investors and innovators at Blynk, Deeptech Labs, DSP Concepts, My Voice AI, and Silicon Catalyst about what it takes to innovate and start a company. This session uncovers how to secure investment, move through the funding cycle, and improve your opportunities for success.

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Learn how Arm can help your startup succeed by letting us know what you are working on.

I am a semiconductor startup building a system-on-chip (SoC)

Arm Flexible Access for Startups provides no-cost access to IP, tools, and training for all markets, from low-power devices to high-performance compute.

I am a software startup developing software on Arm-based hardware

Arm tools and software are designed to help engineers worldwide deliver market-leading products that fully explore the capabilities of Arm-based systems.

I am an incubator, investor, or partner looking to work with Arm

Arm works with partners, incubators, and investors across the ecosystem to help startups succeed. Contact our team to find out more.

Proven Technologies for Startups Across All Markets

Arm technology scales from the tiniest of sensors to the largest of datacenters, providing power-efficient intelligence upon which transformative applications and business models are built.


We work with our partners and an extensive ecosystem to deliver leading IP and software solutions across various markets and for startups of all sizes.

Arm Solutions for IoT

Developing IoT systems is incredibly complex. Arm Solutions for IoT brings together specialized processing capabilities with standardized, secure software, and innovative approaches to tooling to help simplify and accelerate IoT development for all.

Automotive icon
Software-Defined Vehicles

Transitioning automotive compute from hardware-defined to software-defined provides new services and solutions for automakers. See how Arm and our partners are committed to making this a reality for automotive companies across the entire value chain.

Drawing of brain
AI Technologies Brought to Life

As developers enhance more and more applications with AI features, Arm is helping young companies leverage the right AI technologies and a vast AI ecosystem to support these innovative new business models across industries.

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Cloud to Edge Infrastructure on Arm

 “Works on Arm” is a startup program with a goal to accelerate the adoption of Arm architecture from cloud to edge solutions. Arm has partnered with cloud platform providers to make Arm Neoverse based server platforms available for software developers to build, test, and optimize for Arm64 architecture.

5G Solutions Lab icon
Build Your Next 5G Idea with Arm

Arm is committed to enabling an open, interoperable, and cloud-native 5G infrastructure for service providers and the entire 5G ecosystem. The Arm 5G Solutions Lab provides you with an extensive set of hardware and software components accessible to you at no cost, so you can focus on building your next big 5G idea.

Startup Success Stories

Deeptech Labs Accelerator Launches in Cambridge

Arm has co-founded Deeptech Labs with the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Innovation Capital, and venture firm Martlet Capital, aimed at helping tech startups build the next generation of world-leading technologies.

Taiwan Seeds the Ground for IoT Startups

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan partners with Arm to help silicon startups gain access to designs, manufacturing, and other resources needed to accelerate the development and commercialization of IoT products.

Femtosense: From University Research to Commercial Startup

Read how Femtosense, an early-stage AI startup, worked with Arm to develop an ultra-efficient neuromorphic AI chip, bringing large-scale neural network processing to the edge.