Total Compute: A Holistic Approach to SoC Design

To meet future market demands, digital experiences must become more interactive, intuitive, and immersive. But without significant changes to current SoC design methodologies, that is nearly impossible. The Arm Total Compute strategy ensures that compute platforms can seamlessly and securely handle tomorrow’s workloads as new devices, use cases, and advanced apps proliferate.

A Closer Look

The Three Pillars of Total Compute

Compute Performance

All the performance, efficiency, and AI capabilities required for the next generation of devices.

Build Security Throughout

Defense-in-depth for built-in, multilayered protection across the entire ecosystem.

Developer Access

Improved accessibility and increased performance across software and tools.

Compute Performance

Maximize Compute Performance

The complexity of new devices, apps, and experiences requires increasing compute performance in a similar, if not reduced power envelope. Total Compute evaluates the entire system to identify opportunities to increase performance with minimal impact to the energy and area required.

Five ways to accelerate performance:

  1. Evaluate performance across the whole system rather than on individual components.
  2. Analyze how interconnecting data and compute are best deployed between IP blocks and compute domains.
  3. Optimize workloads on devices.
  4. Develop each IP block with a common architectural approach for SoC performance, efficiency, and data exchange.
  5. Ensure all components work together seamlessly for first-rate performance and efficiency.
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Bolster Security Through a Multilayered Solution

To address increasingly sophisticated attacks, security must evolve from point products to multilayered solutions that cooperate and communicate across the system. Security must also be a fundamental element, built into the core of every device and extended to hardware, firmware, software, operating systems, apps, and cloud services.

Four ways to improve software, firmware, and hardware security:

  1. Standardized Platform Security: Establish device platform trust for apps and cloud services through standards and consistent implementations.
  2. Strengthen compute security: Use Memory Tagging Extension (MTE) to strengthen software resilience to attacks.
  3. Deploy an isolation architecture: Sandbox trusted applications, segregate secure code and user data.
  4. Ensure interconnectivity security: Secure multiple concurrent processes running on CPUs, GPUs, and NPUs without restricting their ability to interconnect.
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Developer Access

Improve Developer Access

Total Compute provides frameworks for programming, analyzing, and debugging across all IP, including CPUs, GPUs, and NPUs. This reduces the number of tools and development processes, improves programmability across all compute domains for a seamless developer experience, and reduces costs and time-to-market.

Five ways to unleash developer potential:

  1. Create easy, efficient app development processes that remove the need for tools optimized for each architecture or various, multiple discrete IP blocks.
  2. Give developers access to high-compute performance and allow them to conduct full-system performance analyses for all workloads.
  3. Help developers build more complex, performant apps through technologies, software, and tools that enable pre-shipment testing, in-field capabilities, and faster debug.
  4. Provide software frameworks and compute libraries, such as Arm NN, to improve performance across compute domains.
  5. Ease deployment across platforms through more effective security features.
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