What Is AI in Security?

AI in security is the use of automation and cognitive software tools to manage risks in the modern threat landscape. This encompasses everything from the device level to applications, to personal information, and more.

AI use cases in security address key challenges, such as a broad mix of standards and rules that could be difficult for novices to follow, for instance the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) framework delivered by PSA Certified.

Similarly, AI in security can deliver complete end-to-end solutions that start at the device level, whether a smartphone, IoT sensor, home security camera, or any other hardware type. With trusted data and trusted devices in place, AI can detect anomalies, predict incidents, and actively monitor devices and data for risks or breaches.

Why Does AI in Security Matter?

In a world with billions—and soon trillions—of devices generating massive amounts of data every day, people alone can’t be tasked with the ongoing work of security. Strong security requires technological assistance, and that’s where AI is important.

AI, along with a strong security framework, is critical for a complete end-to-end solution that starts at the device level and produces a symbiotic relationship between hardware and software. AI enables an always-on approach, detecting and mitigating risks that might go unnoticed by the human eye.

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