Creating Better Possibilities Together

At Arm, we architect the building blocks for innovation by envisioning future technology, what our partners need to enrich it, and how it will impact the lives of people around the world. Our motivation comes from providing our partners with those essential building blocks, so they can create extraordinary things that improve life and create better possibilities for all of us.

Transforming Lives Through Technology

Creating Better Possibilities

Arm is opening the door for the next wave of AI computing.

Made Possible by Arm

Arm technology is used by billions of people, across billions of devices, every single day. This ubiquity makes for some pretty amazing stories spanning across nations, industries and generations.

Empowering Gen Z

Femi Owolade-Coombes is an award-winning young inventor who’s using technology to inspire a new generation of coders – from the UK to Bangladesh and beyond. At just 12 years old, he’s already deep into his coding career with inclusivity at the heart of his mission.

Life-Changing Technology

The power of machine learning is transforming how patients, doctors and medication can work together and leverage better learnings and, ultimately, better health. It’s just the beginning of innovation will change treatment plans tomorrow and into the future.

Experiencing VR in a New Light 

Some might think VR begins and ends with gaming but, for others, it’s a lifesaving tool that helps inject hope back into life. Meet the man who is testament to the power of thinking outside the box using today’s tech.

Gamifying Empathy to Foster Equality

With a master’s degree in Interaction Design and a lifetime of navigating the world as a woman of color, Clorama Dorvilias combined her experiences to create a virtual reality teaching tool with the aim of giving every student the equal opportunity to be seen and to succeed.