Intelligent Roadside Unit

In-Vehicle Cyber Security for the Modern Age

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) blend sensors, analytics, control, and communications to safely maximize throughput on roads, increase security, and provide other benefits to the smart city movement.

An important component of ITS is the Roadside Unit (RSU that can directly sense vehicles and pedestrians via cameras and radar, take advantage of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications. The RSU processes and analyzes all this data at the edge to help optimize traffic flow, improve emergency response time, and improve passenger and pedestrian safety.

NXP builds secure connectivity and processing solutions for a variety of embedded applications in the automotive and IoT markets. NXP’s solutions for Intelligent Roadside Units include the Layerscape family of multicore processors.


Featured Technology



NXP has developed a reference design for RSU applications, based on the 8-core Layerscape LS2084. Vehicle to infrastructure communications and connectivity processing is supported via a CODHA module that provides 802.11p compliant V2X communications.

Arm Technology

Arm Cortex-A72

Based on the Arm Cortex-A72, Layerscape devices offer 4 to 16 cores of processing capacity coupled with integrated high-speed Ethernet, PCI Express, and leadership cryptographic algorithm acceleration. NXP also offers devices to support 5G, Wi-Fi and DSRC (V2X) communications, and vision and radar processing.

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