Embedded Assurance and Certifications

The Arm Embedded Assurance program is managed by an independent corporate-level function providing a holistic and impartial view of assurance and ensuring the integrity of the Arm Management System for the Executive Committee. The bi-annual third-party Embedded Assurance Program is delivered in partnership with our ISO 9001 certification body and reviews Arm’s global operations for adherence to:

  • The Arm Management System
  • International best practices, including quality, security, health and safety, environmental, and business continuity

Arm Management System

How we work at Arm is key to ensuring quality throughout our products and services. The company operates through the Arm Management System, which describes how our strategies and objectives are translated into aligned action, through our values, policies, people and structures. It describes what we do, how we do it, and how we push ourselves to continually improve, as one Arm, together.

Quality Assured

Hobson Bullman, VP Operations, Arm

“Arm’s approach is to run a management system that intimately links our strategies and initiatives with how we work, and we have designed the Arm Management System as a framework to inspire, align, and assure.”

Hobson Bullman, VP Operations, Arm

Rick Wilson

“The Arm Management System is both Executive Committee mandated and approved and forms the foundation for everything we do to ensure quality throughout our product and service portfolio. Not only is it well defined but it’s independently verified to provide valuable insight into how we can ensure continual improvement.”

Rick Wilson, Head of Quality, Arm

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ISO Certification Thumbnail

The Arm Management System has achieved certification to the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standard. This ensures Arm products and services meet the needs of customers through an effective quality management system.

The ISO certification is the recognition of Arm’s commitment to consistent product quality and customer satisfaction, and our dedication to continuous improvement.

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Arm Supports Functional Safety

To ensure the best outcomes for our technology and customers, Arm plays an active role in the development of international safety guidelines; for example, ISO 26262 and ISO/PAS 21448.

Arm products are designed “out of context” to satisfy the widest range of applications. We believe that everyone in the integrated circuit (IC) supply chain has an important role to play in safety certification, and applications must be certified in accordance with market-specific standards. Arm is capable of supporting customers and manufacturers in their certification processes of Arm-based devices.

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