Arm Brand Journey

Arm logos
Timeline Launched 2004 Launched 2017
Examples of goods and services offered for sale under the brand name
  • Computer hardware.
  • Microprocessors.
  • Computer chips.
  • Computer software.
  • Instruction manuals, user manuals, technical manuals.
  • Advertising and promotional services relating to computer hardware and software. 
  • Maintenance and support services.
  • Multimedia publishing of manuals, articles, tutorials, newsletters, books, magazines, journals, brochures, research papers and white papers. 
  • Research, development and design all relating to electronic data processing equipment, microprocessors, system-on-chip devices, processors, chips.
  • Education and training. 
  • Licensing of intellectual property rights; licensing of microprocessor design file software; licensing of semiconductor intellectual property cores, instruction set architectures and risc-based instruction set architectures; licensing of technology and computer software; intellectual property consultation.


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