Q: What products can be covered by Technical Support?

A: All Arm products can be covered by Technical Support.


Q: How long can I take Technical Support for a product?

A: You can take Technical Support for every year of the term of the product license.


Q: How do I renew my Technical Support?

A:  Send us a message here.


Q: How do I get the best out of support cases?

A: Open a support case on the web or e-mail your query to the relevant dedicated email alias. (To learn more about which support aliases you can use, please contact us).

Make your question as clear and comprehensive as possible.

State the Arm product name(s) and revision(s).

Include any environment details and attachments. Please be responsive to requests for further information.


Q: Are there any limits on Support?

A: Provided there is valid entitlement, there are no limits on the number of questions, or who asks the question or the topic (as long as it is reasonably related to the product). There is a 16-hour limit on the effort Arm will spend on an individual case before requiring a management review of the case.


Q: Do I need maintenance?

A: We always recommend you use the latest version of the product in your design, which will be obtained under Technical Support. However, it is possible to split out maintenance if required.


Q: How do I get on-site support?

A: We provide on-site support through Enhanced Support. Each Enhanced Support agreement includes an entitlement to a certain number of days of on-site support presence. If the on-site allowance is used up, we will continue resolving issues through off-site cases, conference calls, and Webex meetings. However, we expect that the on-site entitlement should be enough for emergency uses in a project.

We also provide on-site review assistance for architecture, RTL designs and back-end implementation. Please see our Design Reviews service for more information.


Q: Can I ask questions in my local language?

A: Our global team of support engineers may be happy to answer questions in your local language. Please be aware that cases may need to be translated into English and then back to local language if teamwork between multiple Arm offices is required.


Q: What is the difference between Enhanced Support and Design Reviews?

A: Design Reviews is a bounded SoC design and implementation review activity which usually takes a few days at very specific project milestones with specific topics like Architecture Design Review, and RTL Design Review. The on-site review agenda is mainly planned and driven by Arm. It results in a formal report, closing out the engagement. Whereas Enhanced Support is a high-touch and high-value support service. It is purchased on an annual basis, covering all phases of a SoC development project with Arm IP, providing on-site help if necessary, as well as a quarterly/yearly summary. The scheduling and prioritization of issues to be resolved is mainly driven by the customer.


Q: What information should I provide to raise a support case?

A: Click here for more information.


Q: What happens when I open a support case?

A: Click here for more information.


For any questions which are not answered by the above, please feel free to send us an email.