Learn the Architecture - R-profile

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Learn more about the Arm R-profile CPU architecture.

Architecture Fundamentals and Advanced Features

Introducing the R-profile architecture guide

This guide introduces the Arm R-profile architecture. You will learn about the Arm architecture, the evolution of the R-profile, and the features in all R-profile versions.

Cortex-R Series Programmer's Guide

This guide is intended to provide a single guide for developers writing programs for Cortex-R series processors.

AArch64 Exception model

This guide introduces the exception and privilege model in AArch64. It covers Exception Levels - EL0, EL1, EL2, EL3 - synchronous and asynchronous exceptions, including interrupts - Serror, IRQ, FIQ - and virtual exceptions.

A64 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)

This learn the architecture guide introduces the A64 instruction set, which is used in AArch64.

Generic Interrupt Controller v3 and v4, Overview

This guide provides an overview of the Generic Interrupt Controller (GIC), describing the operation of an Arm GICv3 compliant interrupt controller, and providing information about configuration for use in a bare metal environment.

Generic Interrupt Controller v3 and v4, Virtualization

This guide describes the support for virtualization in the GICv3 and GICv4 architecture. It covers the controls available to a hypervisor for generating and managing virtual interrupts.

Generic Interrupt Controller v3 and v4, LPIs

This guide introduces Locality-specific Peripheral Interrupts (LPIs), a type of interrupt introduced in GICv3/v4.

AArch64 Generic Timer

This guide introduces the Arm Generic Timer; the timer framework for R-profile PEs.

Armv8-R virtualization

This guide introduces virtualization concepts and possibilities in the Armv8-R architecture.


Introducing Neon

This guide introduces Arm Neon technology, the Advanced SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) architecture extension for implementations of Armv8–R.

Optimizing C code with Neon intrinsics

This guide shows you how to use Arm Neon intrinsics in your C, or C++, code to take advantage of the Advanced SIMD technology in the Armv8-R architecture.

Compiling for Neon with auto-vectorization

This guide shows how to use the auto-vectorization features in Arm Compiler 6 and CLANG to automatically generate code that contains Armv8-R Advanced SIMD instructions.

Neon Programmer's Guide

This series of guides introduces Neon, shows you how to optimise C code using intrinsics, and how to use your compiler to automatically generate code that contains Armv8-R advanced SIMD instructions.