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Our world is growing in intelligence, with homes becoming smarter and devices becoming more human-like. The advancement of cutting-edge devices needs to be achievable and scalable, requiring accessibility of advanced sensing and processing, based on a proven foundation and widely supported by a broad software and tools ecosystem.


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) extensions from Arm offer high performance signal processing for voice, audio, sensor hubs and machine learning applications, with flexible, easy-to-use programming.


Whatever  your requirements for signal processing, Arm offers the right solution for the right application.

Your need

Arm solution

Highest performance: Cortex-A + Neon, Arm NN software development kit
Hard real-time: DSP instructions in Cortex-R, Cortex-R52 + Neon (SIMD extension)
Energy efficiency: DSP instructions in Cortex-M, CMSIS-DSP software library, CMSIS-NN software library
Features and Benefits
Increase Effiency

Arm DSP extensions provide significant cost savings and resource requirements by replacing two processors with one. Signal processing is built into the processor so there is no need to add a dedicated DSP and learn a new unique DSP programming language. 

Reduce Complexity

DSP extensions reduced system-level complexity by removing the need for shared DSP communication, complex multiprocessor bus architectures, and other custom ‘glue’ logic between the processor and DSP. 

Reduce BOM Costs

By utilizing DSP extensions, analog functions can be implemented in the digital domain. This reduces bill of material costs. 

Use Case
Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life 

From home security systems to intelligent thermostats, Arm technology powers a wide range of DSP applications in the smart home. 

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Arm technology powers a wide range of DSP applications. Talk to an Arm expert about how Arm DSP technology can help you.

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