Design Reviews FAQs



Q: What distinguishes Design Reviews from Training or Support?

A: Support and Training explain what an Arm product can do and how to integrate it. Design Reviews cover all the Arm products in your implementation to ensure they are used correctly and in line with your design goals.


Q: Why do I need a Design Reviews agreement before the first engagement starts?

A: The agreement is required to cover the information disclosure during an engagement.


Q: What happens when I take a Design Review?

A: For a Design Review, there are three stages: Preparation, On-site Visit, and Report. For an Implementation Assist, the visit is replaced by off-site consultancy involving a series of conference calls. The preparation stage is necessary in both cases to ensure the best use of time in the main consultancy phase.


Q: How long does a Design Review engagement last?

A: Assuming the Design Review agreement is in place; an engagement can start within a few weeks of the request. The length of the engagement varies depending of the type of Design Review service; which typically takes three to four days on-site. An Implementation Assist is conducted over a period of months. The report is published two weeks after the engagement has concluded.


Q: What information does the Design Review report contain?

A: The Design Review report provides a summary of the project together with a detailed account of the issues, recommendations, and observations made during the review.


Q: What products can be covered by a Design Review?

A: Design Reviews are restricted to Arm technology. The preparation stage of the Design Review identifies which products you are using and ensures the right experts are assigned.Contact us to discuss any special requirements.


Q: Who delivers a Design Review?

A: Design Reviews are delivered by senior Arm engineers from the Product Support team, or engineers from the Product Development team, chosen for their relevant knowledge and experience, and backed up by the Product Support team.


Q: What guarantees does Arm make?

A: Arm cannot guarantee that a Design Review will produce perfectly working silicon. Arm cannot guarantee that an Implementation Assist will exceed PPA targets. Arm can guarantee that a design will be thoroughly inspected by Arm experts who have worked with many successful designs.


Q: Who do I contact to find out more?

A: Contact us.