Active Assist

Optimize your ARM designs and reduce risk, with end-to-end project assistance from ARM experts.

Why Active Assist?

Active Assist is a premium expert review service that helps you optimize your ARM SoC designs, using advice from the most experienced ARM engineers in the industry. Active Assist boosts your team's ARM technology expertise, helping them design more effectively, so you can launch products faster without compromising quality.

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By increasing the efficiency of communication and knowledge transfer between ARM engineers and your team, Active Assist helps to:

  • Improve the quality of your design
  • Shorten your design cycle and reduce time-to-market
  • Reduce project risk

Some Existing Customers

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  • What distinguishes Active Assist from Training or Support?
  • Why do I need an Active Assist agreement before the first engagement starts?
  • What happens when I take an Active Assist?
  • How long does an Active Assist engagement last?
  • What information does the Active Assist report contain?
  • What products can be covered by an Active Assist?
  • Who delivers an Active Assist?
  • What guarantees does ARM make?
Active Assist is designed to address project 'Hot Spots' in a typical SoC design flow:

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Active Assist Options

Design Review helps you get your designs ready for implementation quicker. ARM experts review key aspects of your ARM-based SoC design on-site, and provide best practice engineering advice on what you need to do to progress.

Scope: Architecture, RTL, TrustZone Ready and Mali Driver.
Length: 2 to 4 days for the on-site review.
Method: on-site face-to-face review; off-site support and report writing.
Deliverables: detailed report documenting topics discussed and any recommendations made.



  1. You tell us about your requirements by submitting a questionnaire.
  2. ARM selects the appropriate reviewers.
  3. We jointly agree the agenda for the review.

On-site Visit *

  1. Two senior ARM engineers visit you on-site and conduct open discussions with your engineers.
  2. The review takes place, identifying issues with system architecture, design, topology, and any potential bottlenecks.
* (2-4 days)


  1. ARM provides ongoing off-site support to close issues raised during the on-site meetings.
  2. ARM sends you a detailed report of the review within two weeks of the on-site visit taking place.

Types of Active Assist Design Review:

  • Architecture Design Review
    ARM experts visit you on-site to review your proposed system, looking at the system topology, potential bottlenecks and power management considerations, providing general best-practice advice.
  • Physical Implementation Design Review
    ARM experts offer a best practice review of your implementation flow and intermediate results, followed by an on-site review of logs just before you proceed to the tape-out stage.
  • RTL Design Review
    ARM experts visit you on-site to verify the SoC design of your ARM IP at the RTL level, covering for instance: signal connectivity, system coherency, correct implementation and system performance.  
  • TrustZone Ready Design Review
    The TrustZone Ready Design Review helps you to prepare the TBSA (Trusted Base System Architecture) compliance checklist, which will aid in future certification methods. This service also includes a full RTL Design Review, to ensure your ARM subsystem is integrated correctly.
  • NEON Software Assist
    The NEON Software Assist targets developers seeking to get the most out of ARM’s NEON media processing architecture. Prior to coming onsite we will review samples of your key algorithms and optimization requirements and then present a custom NEON training course including workshop sessions developed using your code.


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