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People spend 90 percent of their time indoors. At Arm, we believe that the buildings we inhabit can be made more sustainable, responsive, healthy, and secure for occupants—as well as more profitable for owners—by making them more intelligent. That intelligence is enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). 

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Why Buildings?
Buildings are where we live, work, learn, meet, heal, entertain, and shop. Addressing the needs of buildings occupants is, therefore, a high priority for building owners and operators, and also for smart building technologies. 
IoT is expected to help companies enhance the health, comfort, well-being, and security of occupants while boosting profits through productivity and efficiency gains. Studies have shown that better indoor environmental quality and ventilation lead to increased focus, better information usage, and improved strategic thinking scores. They also lead to higher occupancy rates and resale values of buildings. 
Arm partners with manufacturers of IoT devices and developers of systems designed to provide connectivity and interoperability to bring smart buildings to life, and the security to keep facilities, services, and occupants safe. We also partner with enterprises seeking the excellent business benefits and return on investment they gain from smart business technologies.
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Connectivity is the basic requirement of all IoT devices. Connectivity enhances a building’s responsiveness to internal changes as well as its resilience to external challenges. Today, high-performing buildings respond to myriad internal stimuli, ranging from changes in lighting, temperature, ventilation, and occupancy levels to the data requirements of information technology and the operational technology that controls elevators and security apparatus. At the same time, buildings need to respond to weather events, earthquake warnings, or signals from the electric grid.


Smart sensors collect and communicate real-time data, transmitting it through radio transmitters, routers, and gateways to the cloud through a plethora of protocols. This not only allows for high-level communications with other systems or buildings, but the data analysis also enables facility managers to constantly respond, refine, and improve a building’s performance. Arm technologies such as Pelion IoT Platform are at the heart of these vital sensor and gateway technologies.


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Given today’s threat landscape, building owners and occupants can’t afford to take any chances when it comes to IoT. The more devices are interconnected, the greater the exposure to security breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information.


IoT-enabled lighting is a perfect example. For all its benefits, the digitization and omnipresence of IoT-enabled lighting also makes it the first line of attack for cybercriminals. Smart lighting is connected to the rest of a building system. If these systems share connectivity with enterprise functions, not only are a building’s entire operations vulnerable to compromise, but also their business operations and IT infrastructure.


Fortunately, the right countermeasures, such as isolation, cryptography, tamper mitigation and side-channel attack protection, and security services can minimize the risks of IoT lighting systems and greatly enhance their security features.


Arm products that contribute to smart building security include the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) and the Pelion IoT Platform.


Security and connectivity are the biggest barriers to IoT deployment, but interoperability is the most critical piece to establish a smart building. If your buildings systems, such as HVAC, security infrastructure, lighting, sensors, and so on, are operating in silos using different protocols and gateways, your smart communications are in jeopardy. Ideally, any IoT device should be able to communicate with any other device or system, as well as with any web application or service. 


The Arm Pelion IoT Platform provides device management services, making deployment and lifecycle management possible for everything from ultra-constrained devices to complex microcontrollers. Device Management Provision expands the Pelion Device Management capabilities to onboard, control, and manage devices using IoT gateways. This allows for effortless interoperability and future-proofing IoT implementations. 


Use Cases
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Smart meters deliver constant energy usage data that allows building managers to understand precisely how and where energy is being used across a building. With data to create an energy dashboard, the building manager can benchmark, investigate issues, and intervene for better efficiency. Gartner estimates that Arm has a 67 percent share of 32-bit MCUs—the chips that put the “smart” in smart meter. 

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Smart Building: Giving Buildings Consciousness

Networked and programmable technology for buildings allows building managers to control everything from areas to rooms down to individual lights. Extending far beyond the cost savings on lighting or HVAC, IoT-based building systems also harvest data that can optimize how a building is used. To test the possibilities, we put this technology into practice at our Arm San Jose headquarters.

Intelligent Buildings: For Smarter, Healthier, More Productive People

Arm believes that by 2035, 1 trillion devices will be connected to the internet. We will find many of them in the next generation of high-performing buildings. Intelligent systems can help improve energy efficiency, reduce pollution, drive economic growth, and promote a healthier environment for people.