Total Compute: A Holistic Approach to SoC Design

To meet future market demands, digital experiences must become more interactive, intuitive, and immersive. But without significant changes to current SoC design methodologies, that is nearly impossible. The Arm Total Compute strategy ensures that compute platforms can seamlessly and securely handle tomorrow’s workloads as new devices, use cases, and advanced apps proliferate.

Compute Performance

Provide the performance, efficiency, and AI capabilities required for the next generation of devices.


Defense-in-depth for built-in, multilayered protection across the entire ecosystem.

Developer Access

Improved accessibility and increased performance across software and tools.

A Closer Look

The Three Pillars of Total Compute

Developer Access

Arm Development Studio

A suite of tools for interrogating hardware counters and further optimizing systems for complex and graphics-based applications.

Mobile Computing

Arm Mobile Studio

Free mobile app development tools for manual analysis of app performance across mobile devices.

Drawing of brain


A set of open-source Linux software tools that enable machine learning by bridging the gap between existing neural network frameworks and power-efficient processors.

Arm Introduces Total Compute Solutions

Purpose-Built Compute and Specialized Processing

New solutions include the first Armv9 Cortex CPUs, stunning new graphic capabilities with scalable Mali GPUs, and new system IP—all designed together using the holistic Total Compute approach.

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Discover the Benefits of Holistic SoC Design

Engineering for Tomorrow’s Workloads

Learn more about the future technical requirements for consumer devices and how Arm Total Compute ensures processor technology is ready for this next wave of innovation.

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