Strengthen Creativity and Boost Productivity on Arm-Based Laptops

Laptop users increasingly demand a more mobile experience, with always-on, always connected 5G, and multi-day battery life. Through engineering, technology, and security innovations, Arm-based laptops deliver the mobile experience users need in today’s constantly connected digital world.


Mobile-Driven Laptop Performance

Multi-day Battery Life
Powers whole working day and beyond without charge.
Lightweight Form Factor
Supports thin and lightweight form factors.
Thermal Efficiency
No overheating during compute intensive workloads.
Always Connected
Enables LTE network connectivity for the new era of 5G.
Instant On
Maximizes productivity by instantly returning to tasks from sleep mode.
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A Closer Look​

Windows on Arm Laptops

A third generation of Windows on Arm is entering the market with industry-leading features, including:

  • Multi-day battery life
  • Constant connectivity
  • Instant on
  • Ultra-thin, lightweight, fanless designs
  • Sustained performance based on Arm Cortex-A CPUs
Explore Arm Developer

Build Native Applications for Windows on Arm

Arm provides everything needed for a fast, straightforward and smooth development experience for Windows on Arm.


With numerous resources and x64 app emulation support, application developers can move quickly through the development process to access the benefits of Windows on Arm laptop devices. These extensive development resources include how to port applications to Windows on Arm.

LLVM Toolchain Accelerates Development

Developers targeting Windows on Arm can develop their applications “for Arm on Arm,” and accelerate the compilation speed by 2x. Linaro’s new LLVM toolchain variant for Windows on Arm lets developers develop and compile a C/C++ application on a Windows on an Arm laptop with a native AArch64 LLVM toolchain. 

Arm Technology for Laptops

Case Studies

Full Backup and Seamless PC Migration for Windows on Arm

With the rise in popularity of always-on, always-connected laptops, Zinstall answers the need for complete system level backup for Windows on Arm.

Seamlessly Composing Music Through Native Windows on Arm

StaffPad for Windows on Arm is a music notation app to simplify the process of composing and performing music, providing users with a rich feature set, high performance, long battery life, and multiple-device connectivity.

Learning From Tweeten: Porting Electron Apps to Native Arm64 for Windows on Arm

Learn from Tweeten, a popular free Twitter client, on how its Electron apps natively run on Windows on Arm.