PC Laptops in the Mobile Era

The lines between personal computing devices are blurring as PC laptops increasingly become LTE laptops. Work often takes place on a docked mobile device rather than a desktop, and with all data in one place, any location becomes a workplace. As a result, PC laptop designers face several challenges when choosing laptop processors for performance and battery life. For example, how to power 4K high-dynamic range (HDR) displays while running multiple windows of apps simultaneously. Furthermore, laptop form factors are becoming more “mobile-like” with cellular connection. Other essential requirements for Chrome and Windows on Arm are increased single-thread performance and higher compute density in smaller form factors.


Always On, Always Connected Laptops

Much like the smartphone, consumers now expect their laptop with cellular connection to be ‘always-on, always-connected’ for productivity anywhere. The latest premium personal computer technology includes built-in modems for constant connectivity, and an extended battery life of up to 30 hours. These devices require the fastest laptop processors within their thermal and power constraints, and Arm offers processor technology that delivers laptop-class performance with the power efficiency of a smartphone. Year-on-year Arm Cortex-A laptop CPUs are providing more performance at best-in-class efficiency.

Use Cases

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Notebooks Offer Optimal Performance

With the release of the first Always On, Always Connected PCs, we witnessed the culmination of a user-driven shift in what it means to offer optimal performance and capability in a notebook processor. See how this second-generation of Always On, Always Connected PC based on Arm DyamIQ technology is moving the needle.

Consumer Demand for PC Form Factors

Consumers now expect their PC laptop experience to be the same as their smartphone. Read about the form factors, features, and experiences that consumers want from the next generation of laptops.

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System IP

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Case Studies

Full Backup and Seamless PC Migration for Windows on Arm

With the rise in popularity of always-on, always-connected laptops, Zinstall answers the need for complete system level backup for Windows on Arm.

Seamlessly Composing Music Through Native Windows on Arm

Learn how StaffPad created a music notation app to simplify the process of composing and performing music. StaffPad for Windows on Arm provides users with a rich feature set combined with high performance, long battery life, and multiple-device connectivity.