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Software-defined vehicles (SDV) offer significant safety and convenience features, enabling new in-vehicle experiences and functions through software and delivering updates and services over-the-air (OTA). For automakers, OEMs, and tier one suppliers, SDVs can deliver major revenue and customer relationship benefits and help meet stringent functional safety standards.

The evolution from hardware-defined to software-defined compute requires new development paradigms to address advanced compute architectures and increasing software complexity to ensure seamless development and deployment from the cloud to the car. Arm and our partners are committed to making this a reality.

Taking the Cloud-Native Development Approach

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The cloud-native paradigm can fundamentally change the way automotive software is developed, tested, and deployed in the future. This approach provides a scalable solution to enable the SDV, but can it truly adapt to the real world? This blog explores the key considerations needed to successfully apply cloud-native to automotive.

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Solutions to Bring the Software-Defined Vision into Focus

Together with leaders from across the automotive supply chain, Arm is working to address the challenges with software portability, cloud-native mixed-criticality, and seamless deployment to bring us closer to a software-defined future.

Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge

SOAFEE offers a cloud-native architecture enhanced for mixed-criticality automotive applications. It includes an open-source reference implementation to enable commercial and non-commercial offerings.

Building on Project Cassini and SystemReady standards, which define standard boot and security requirements for Arm architecture, SOAFEE adds the functional safety and real-time capabilities required for autonomous workloads.

Download our white paper to learn more about this new open standards-based architecture.

SOAFEE-Enabled Hardware Platforms

To enable automotive software porting, prototyping, and development today, Arm has partnered with ADLINK and Ampere to deliver high-performance, SOAFEE-enabled hardware platforms:

  • ADLINK AVA Developer Platform supports lab-based development that can run autonomous workloads, including Autoware.
  • ADLINK AVA-AP1 Platform is a ruggedized version with I/O to support a full sensor suite for in-vehicle prototyping and testing.
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Working Together to Drive the Software-Defined Revolution

Increasing software complexity demands a new approach based on open standards and close collaboration across the automotive and cloud communities. The SOAFEE Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to lead and define the cloud-native development paradigm required for a new era of efficient edge workloads.

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