Arm Enables Intelligence

Arm is at the center of artificially intelligent (AI) endpoint devices and applications that are transforming industries and user experiences around the world. Today, Arm enables AI, and its subset machine learning (ML), on 85 percent of the world's mobile devices, and millions of IoT devices.


The promising impact of these innovative products and applications can be seen in every industry employing edge-based intelligence. In the auto industry, Arm enables intelligent applications such as driver assist and avoidance collision systems. Arm is behind AI-enabled medical applications designed to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Smart cameras with object and facial recognition capabilities employ Arm-based technology. Arm enables popular smart assistants and a host of smart-home and IoT devices.


In short, wherever edge-based AI and ML can be found, Arm is there, and as the demand for edge-based AI compute grows, Arm partners are turning to Arm’s powerful AI technology. Unlike most AI compute solutions that are fragmented, Arm’s AI platform offers a solutions -based approach that includes comprehensive hardware IP, software, tools and ecosystem.


Arm enables partners to design and scale AI and ML to network edge, endpoint devices, and applications everywhere.


When Cameras Know What They're Seeing

Embedded vision is enhancing solutions in a broad range of markets, including automotive, security, medical, and entertainment. Join this tour of hardware and software components, and the trade-offs a designer has to make to satisfy the broad market requirements.

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When Cars Notice What Drivers Miss

Learn how Arm partner Brodmann17 developed highly accurate computer vision for automotive cameras that requires only a fraction of the usual computing power and can run on low-power Arm processors ideal for mass production.

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When Smart Assistants Talk

Voice has become an everyday way to interact with voice-enabled virtual assistants. Learn how Arm created a compact keyword spotting algorithm to support voice-driven commands in edge devices that use a very small, low-power microcontroller.

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When AI Improves Healthcare

These AI-powered sensors are changing how patients, doctors and medication work together for better health.

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With so many applications for artificial intelligence emerging, it can be difficult to know where to start. For more information about the breadth of Arm’s AI solutions, please visit our AI Solutions page.

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With so many applications for artificial intelligence emerging, it can be difficult to know where to start. Talk to an Arm expert about the right machine learning solution for your AI project.

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