Arm is Powering Innovation through Artificial Intelligence

AI is empowering change, driving innovation, and creating exciting new possibilities. Arm is forging a path to the future with solutions designed to support the rapid development of AI. Arm combines the hardware, software, tools, and strategic partners you need to accelerate development. We provide everything you need to deliver a new generation of ideas and products. 

Extensive Ecosystem​

Arm’s extensive AI ecosystem accelerates time to market and redefines application portability for AI solutions​.

Scalable AI Solutions​

Arm delivers performance, scalability and extended configurability to simplify the deployment of AI across all markets​.

Open Tools

Leverage Arm’s global developer community to develop opensource industry standard tools for AI that eliminate lock-in and lower cost.

A Closer Look​

AI and Machine Learning​

The most common subset of AI is machine learning. Maximize more computing power for machine learning with resources on:

  • The features and benefits of Arm's AI Platform
  • How Arm can assist you in building the next generation of innovative, portable AI apps
  • How to select the best Arm CPU processor for your project
  • Arm's CPU, GPU and NPU products
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AI Technologies

Discover the Best AI Solution for Your Processing Needs​

Industry Solutions

AI-Driven Innovation

Smart Home

Arm AI technologies are setting the standard for today’s smart homes by connecting objects like smoke detectors, digital TVs, refrigerators, lighting, and heating systems, and using sensor technology to gather continuous data from them.​


Arm’s ultra-efficient, low-power IP is paving the way for a new generation of wearables and “invisibles” that go far beyond today’s smart watches and fitness trackers.​ ​​


Arm-powered solutions are helping companies take advantage of today’s 5th-gen mobile network through heterogeneous computing, continuous connectivity, cutting-edge performance and multiple neural networks for multiple workloads. ​​

AI Platform

AI Platform: Speed and Streamline AI Development Projects

Every day, more computing applications are augmented with Artificial Intelligence. Arm AI Platform is designed to help organizations leverage AI technologies that enable radical new business models across a variety of industries. 

Learn how this comprehensive and scalable solution will:

  • Empower your most mission-critical applications
  • Integrate hardware, software and a partner ecosystem to give life to your boldest and most innovative ideas
  • Accelerate the speed and success of your AI initiatives
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AI-Ready Product Families

Arm’s highly versatile and scalable AI-optimized platform architecture leverages CPUs, GPUs and NPUs to run machine learning workloads across all devices with the highest performance and greatest efficiency.


Cortex CPUs

Arm CPUs are the leading machine learning processor on the market today, with 85 percent of premium smartphones running ML on the Arm CPU or a CPU/GPU combination. Arm CPUs are best-in-class when it comes to energy-efficiency, and new features to further enhance efficiency and performance are in continuous development.


Ethos NPUs

Arm Ethos NPU processors deliver maximum performance, power and area efficiency for ML inference from cloud to edge to endpoint. Ethos’ optimized design enables new features, enhances user experiences, and delivers innovative applications for market segments including mobile, IoT, embedded, automotive, and infrastructure.


Mali GPUs

For graphics-intense machine learning workloads, Arm GPUs deliver first-rate performance. Mali GPUs with ML extensions and high floating-point throughput provide high performance across a variety of entertainment experiences, including visual enhancements to gaming, images and video, while enabling longer battery life.

The Latest News in AI​

A New Horizon: Expanding the AI Landscape

Find out how organizations are using AI to drive business and improve processes in the new MIT Technology Review Report.

Expanding AI on the edge with Ethos-U65

The Ethos-U65 microNPU ushers in a new wave of AI on the edge and endpoint by supporting ML on Cortex-A based systems for the first time and increases performance on Cortex-M based systems.

Arm and Microsoft: Accelerating AI Innovation for IoT Devices

Optimizing the developer experience with streamlined, scalable tools that put creativity first.

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