What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of machines to perform cognitive functions, such as learning and problem solving. The amount of computing resources dedicated to running AI algorithms doubles every 100 days, as the demand for AI-powered applications soars, according to a GigaOm report, ‘AI at the Edge: A GigaOm Research Byte’.

AI also requires the processing of massive amounts of data, and the power and cost required to shift this data to and from the cloud can be prohibitive. Increasingly, devices are performing AI at the furthest point in the system – on the network edge or endpoint itself – rather than in the cloud. This explosion in intelligent connected devices, particularly in IoT applications, is creating zettabytes of new data in the AI-driven world. 

Most AI compute solutions are fragmented, yet the path to scaling AI lies in trusted, standard, and complete platforms that address both diverse hardware and software requirements. Through its powerful AI technology and a solutions-based approach that includes IP, software, and tools, Arm is bringing AI and machine learning (ML) to the network edge, endpoint devices, and applications everywhere.

Arm AI Platform for Every Application

Artificial intelligence is becoming pervasive in all computing applications. Autonomous driving is changing how we use cars. Industrial IoT is changing how we manufacture goods. Radical new business models are set to change our lives in ways we can’t imagine.


Arm’s AI Platform (formerly Project Trillium) is helping to accelerate advances in AI. The efficient, scalable, heterogenous platform combined with a thriving design and development ecosystem are redefining device capabilities.

AI Technology from Cloud to Edge to Endpoint

As the demand for powerful compute accelerates, Arm’s common architecture supports diverse AI applications wherever they run: from highly capable cores and interconnects for mega compute power in the data center, to extremely power-efficient microcontrollers and machine learning processors for AI algorithms in highly constrained, battery-powered edge endpoint devices, such as wearables and sensors.

The Arm Pelion IoT platform, combined with Arm’s new class of advanced and ultra-efficient machine learning processors, is transforming the IoT into a global network of securely managed smart endpoints woven into the fabric of our digital world.

Pelion supports machine learning in IoT by enabling the capture of metadata generated by IoT devices and their environment. ML engines process metadata from several areas — connectivity, operating systems, and applications — to detect cybersecurity threats, and optimize operations of the devices and the networks in which they operate.

The CPU as Mission Control for AI

The CPU is central to all AI systems, whether it’s handling the AI entirely or partnering with a co-processor, such as a GPU or an NPU for certain tasks.


AI Technology Powered by Arm CPU

While AI and ML applications soar in popularity, many organizations are questioning where ML workloads should be performed. Should they be done on a central processor (CPU), a graphics processor (GPU), or a neural processor (NPU)? The choice most teams are making today will surprise you.

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Join the New Era of Digital Immersion

Mobile devices have changed the way we live forever. Arm’s latest mobile IP suite provides a secure and performance-enhanced foundation for new digital immersive experiences on smart devices.

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Case Studies

Arm technology powers a huge variety of devices and applications that deliver AI solutions.

Social Robot ElliQ Alleviates Loneliness Among Elderly

ElliQ is an engaging robotic companion that learns it owner’s behavior patterns to proactively suggest activities and supports family connections.

Life Changing Technology with Amiko AI-Powered Sensors 

These AI-powered sensors are transforming how patients, doctors, and medication can work together for better health.

Corti Orb Helps Identify Critical Conditions in Real Time

This edge device is engineered to run complex ML models that can detect critical illness in real time.

Smart Security for a Trillion Intelligent Devices 

AI systems often operate in hazardous environments. Applications such as autonomous vehicles, healthcare, and robots require the highest levels of reliability and a fail-safe ability.


Yet security continues to present an unprecedented global challenge. Arm has responded to this challenge with the Platform Security Architecture (PSA), an architecture-agnostic framework for securing the next AI-infused one trillion connected devices, from endpoint to cloud.

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The future of artificial intelligence is in the trillions of devices around us, including voice assistants and consumer robots, that deliver more personalized content at the endpoint. As Arm enables newer platforms and applications, AI will matter most to us when it simplifies and improves our lives.

As AI, 5G, and the IoT continue to mature, the convergence of these three technologies is helping take artificial intelligence into all commercial and social sectors, enhancing business operations and making our world more efficient.

In the Fifth Wave of Computing blog, Arm CEO Simon Segars shares his insights and vision into how the convergence of key technologies, such as AI, IoT, and 5G, are shaping the future of computing.

Arm AI Trust Manifesto cover

Trust Manifesto

AI must be ethical by design, and Arm has taken the first steps in proposing guiding principles for an industry-wide ethical framework that helps build and maintain public trust in AI technology.

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AI for IoT Endpoints

Bring AI to billions more devices with the Ethos-U55, the industry's
first licensable microNPU designed for microcontroller class
devices. When combined with the Cortex-M55, it can increase
ML performance up to 480X without additional software complexity.

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