Arm in the Open-Source Community

Arm has taken the lead in collaborating with standards-based and open-source communities throughout our history. From Linux to GNU, and from SOAFEE to Open SSL, our commitment to open source continues to expand.

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Project name Description
Arm CCA (Confidential Compute Architecture)
A reference software security architecture built on top of the Armv9-A Realm Management Extension, to implement a hypervisor-based platform supporting Confidential Computing. Arm CCA comprises different open-source components, such as Trusted Firmware, Linux Kernel, and EDKII.
Arm Compute Library
Popular and flexible open-source library for best-in-class machine learning (ML) performance, enabling developers to source functions for accelerating their algorithms and applications on Arm.
Arm KleidiAI
KleidiAI is an open-source library that provides optimized performance-critical routines, also known as micro-kernels, for artificial intelligence (AI) workloads tailored for Arm CPUs.
Arm KleidiCV
The KleidiCV AI library provides high-performance image processing functions for the Arm AArch64 architecture and is simple to integrate into a variety of computer vision projects.
Arm NN for AI/ML
Open-source Linux software tools for accelerating neural networks on Arm. Arm NN is part of the Machine Intelligence Initiative from our software partner, Linaro.
Armv8-R AArch64
Software examples for the Armv8-R AEM FVP to enable the exploration of the general Armv8-R AArch64 architecture, as well as its specific implementation – Arm Cortex-R82.
ASTC Encoder
Supporting graphics content developers, the Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression  (ASTC) encoder compresses and decompresses images for optimizing their quality and size when running on Arm-based GPUs.
Automotive actuation demo
Example of how an autonomous drive software stack can be run in a compute environment composed of a high-performance primary compute platform, coupled with Arm Cortex-R-based Safety Island.
CMSIS The Common Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) simplifies microcontroller software development, providing a consistent and efficient interface for developers working with Cortex-M and entry-level Cortex-A processors. It promotes code reuse, portability, and interoperability, enabling developers to focus on application-level logic rather than dealing with low-level hardware details.”
EAS Mainline and Scheduling
An enhancement to Linux power management, Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS) Mainline is a moving integration branch, placing CPU power control directly under the Linux scheduler.
Popular open source real-time operating system for microcontrollers and microprocessors. Arm collaborates to enable cores, platforms, and system specifications  in the project.
Intelligent Power Allocation An Arm  solution, optimizing  performance and temperature for Arm-based advanced systems on chip (SoCs).
Linux Kernel
Together with Linaro, Arm builds, boosts and tests over a million Linux kernels per year, enabling all the latest Arm A-class architecture features and optimizing power/performance on Arm-based devices.
Mbed TLS is a C library implementing the PSA Cryptography API, cryptographic primitives, X.509 certificate manipulation and the SSL/TLS and DTLS protocols.
Neoverse N2 Automotive 
The Arm Neoverse N2 Automotive Reference Design  introduces the concept of a high-performance compute system augmented with an Arm Cortex-R Safety Island, and a runtime security subsystem for secure system boot
Networking solutions
Networking stack solutions and customer-focused use cases, integrating several well-optimized software components, such as DPDK and VPP. Solutions run on an Arm reference design or real silicon.
Open Source Networking
Arm contributes to various networking open-source projects including DPDK,, Magma, ODP, CNI, service mesh, and others
Arm supports cloud-native delivery flows within the datacenter and at the edge. Parsec provides a common API to access hardware security and cryptographic services.
PSA Certified APIs
Embedded software APIs provide an open standard for security-first software development, with the backing of the PSA Certified security framework.
Reference Implementation for Edge deployment
A framework for deploying and orchestrating containerized applications on Arm-based edge devices aligned with security regulation. It features firmware updates and access to abstracted security services. 
RTX is a real-time operating system designed for Arm Cortex-M devices. It allows you to create programs that simultaneously perform multiple functions and helps to create applications which are better structured and more easily maintained.
SCP Firmware
An open-source software reference implementation supporting firmware development for the system control processor (SCP) and manageability control processor (MCP).
Security Library projects
Arm contributes to various open source projects including OpenSSL for establishing secure network connections and ensuring data privacy on Arm-based devices.
Arm is a governing body member of SOAFEE, a special interest group (SIG) working across the automotive ecosystem to enable cloud-native software development for mixed critical workloads across cloud and vehicle.
Telemetry solutions
A system-wide telemetry solution with a standardized framework/methodology for top-down system performance analysis and run time monitoring on Arm IP-based platforms.
TianoCore EDK II Firmware
Arm contributes to the TianoCore EDK II open-source project, providing AArch64 native drivers for the cross-platform firmware development environment.
Total Compute
The Total Compute reference software stack is a fully integrated open-source stack, from Firmware up to Android, for the Arm Premium Mobile Total Compute Solution.
Arm is a founding member of this open governance community project, providing secure software implementations and the foundation for a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on Arm A-profile and M-profile processors.
Yocto Project
Arm supports developers in creating custom Linux-based systems regardless of hardware architecture, and provides flexible tools to share technologies, software stacks, configurations, and best practices.
Zephyr RTOS
The Zephyr Project is a scalable real-time operating system supporting multiple hardware architectures, optimized for resource constrained devices. Arm and the wider ecosystem support a variety of Arm platforms and integrates PSA Certified implementation TF-M for Trustzone-M platforms in the project.