Enabling Learning Through Partnerships

Arm Education, comprising the Arm University Program, Arm Education Media and the Arm School Program, works with academic, education, and industry partners to support innovation and talent development in computing and STEM. Our partnership model is at the heart of all our programs. 

Educational Organizations

Arm Education continues to build partnerships with educational institutions. We partner with:

  • Universities developing computer engineering and related disciplines’ courses and supply educational kits
  • Schools to deliver education initiatives that support the curriculum in computing and STEM subjects
  • Education research groups in projects aimed at promoting best practices in STEM education
  • Government organizations – shaping the provision of STEM education at a national level
  • Professional bodies and learned societies – advising and working with them on curriculum development

To find out more, contact us at university@arm.com for university-related queries, school@arm.com for school-related queries.


Technology Partners

Our diverse range of technology partners includes software and hardware providers with the common goal of closing the computing and STEM skills gap. Here are some examples:

  • Educational content development initiatives based on partners’ hardware
  • Educational kits based on Arm and its partners’ technology that support computing and computer engineering courses

To find out more, contact us at university@arm.com for university-related queries, or school@arm.com for school-related queries.


Close partnerships with global distributors allow us to provide educators and students around the world with up-to-date online courses and textbooks.

To find out more, contact us at university@arm.com for university-related engagements, or edumedia@arm.com for education media-related inquiries.


Arm Education Media offers a flexible licensing model to publishers globally.  Through our licensing initiatives, our aim is to create a thriving eco-system where industry plays a key role, in conjunction with educational institutions, government and the publishing sector, to create affordable and relevant educational resources that address the computing and STEM skills gap.

If you are interested in becoming an Arm Education Media publishing partner, contact us at edumedia@arm.com.