Graphics and Mobile Gaming Online Course

Driven by the uptake of gaming on mobile devices, the gaming industry is growing rapidly, with an ecosystem that’s geared towards producing high-performance and low-energy devices. This course covers the latest graphics and gaming technologies on mobile devices, using the popular Cocus2d-x game engine, which is both open source and cross-platform compatible.



Course Aim

To learn to create 3D games on mobile devices by understanding graphics and gaming fundamentals, with hands-on practice using professional graphics API and game engines


Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of

  • Arm Mali GPU architecture
  • Core OpenGL ES rendering techniques
  • Game design methodology


  • Ability to use different graphics and game design techniques to optimize performance and reduce power consumption on mobile devices


  • Ability to create computer graphics on mobile devices using the Open GL ES Library
  • Ability to create 3D games from scratch using commercial game design engines


  • Basic understanding of C++/Java programming
  • Separate purchase of hardware and/or software tools, in order to replicate the course labs



  1. Introduction to Graphics and Mobile Gaming
  2. GPU Architecture and Mali GPU
  3. Introduction to Graphics API and OpenGL ES
  4. Rendering Pipeline and Shader Programming
  5. 3D Graphics and Matrix Manipulation
  6. Texturing and Lighting
  7. Performance Optimization and Programming Techniques
  8. Introduction to Mobile Gaming
  9. Game Graphics
  10. Video Game Design
  11. 3D Effects, Architecture and Performance Considerations
  12. Virtual Reality

The above syllabus is indicative. It might change from time to time.



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