Accelerated Learning to Keep Pace with Technology 

Arm Education Media is a subscription-based digital content hub offering interactive online courses and e-first textbooks.

The educational contents are developed to enable academics, students, professional engineers and the wider training market to keep up with the latest industry developments and gain the skills needed to compete in today's job market.


Online Courses

Online courses from Arm Education Media are developed to help professionals, hobbyists and practitioners learn about state of the art technologies from the wide Arm ecosystem as a self-paced study.

The courses will give you an understanding of Arm architecture and the principles of software and hardware system design on Arm-based platforms.


Textbooks from Arm Education Media combine strong theoretical underpinnings with practical applications using state-of-the-art technologies from the wide Arm ecosystem. 

Arm Education Media textbooks are available in reflowable e-book, PDF and physical print formats.

Both the online courses and textbooks cover a wide range of topics and subjects in the areas of ECE, EE and CS.

Download the Online Course and Textbook Catalogue 2017.