Our Most Powerful and Efficient Mid-Range Processor

Cortex-A55, built on DynamIQ technology, is designed for extreme scalability in constrained environments. It features the latest Armv8-A architecture extensions that introduce new NEON instructions for machine learning, advanced safety features and more support for Reliability, Accessibility and Serviceability (RAS). 

Features and Benefits

Broad Market Application

With a flexible design that meets requirements across multiple markets, the Cortex-A55 processor delivers greater performance, power efficiency and safety over its predecessor.

High Performance

Microarchitecture improvements provide more responsive user interactions for touchscreens and higher reaction speeds in autonomous automotive applications, for longer periods of sustained performance.

Efficient Processing

Fine-grained power control ensures Cortex-A55 delivers high performance with superior efficiency.

Memory Subsystem Designed for High Bandwidth

Configurable L2 cache achieves more than 50% reduced latency for memory accesses. L3 cache shared across up to eight Cortex-A55 CPUs within a single cluster.

Cortex-A55 Product Specifications 

 General  Architecture  Armv8-A (Harvard)


  • Armv8.1 extensions
  • Armv8.2 extensions
  • Cryptography extensions
  • RAS extensions
  • Armv8.3(LDAPR instructions only)

 ISA Support

  •  A64
  • A32 and T32 (at the EL0 only)
 Microachitecture  Pipeline  In-order
   Superscalar  Yes
   Neon / Floating Point Unit  Optional
   Cryptography unit  Optional
   Max number of CPUs in cluster  Eight (8)
   Physical addressing (PA) 
 Memory system and external interfaces  L1 I-Cache / D-Cache  16KB to 64KB
   L2 Cache  Optional, 64KB to 256KB
   L3 Cache  Optional, 512KB to 4MB
   ECC support  Yes
   LPAE  Yes
   Bus interfaces  ACE or CHI
   ACP  Optional
   Perpheral port  Optional
   Functional safety support  ASIL D systematic
   Security  TrustZone
   Interrupts  GIC interface, GICv4
   Generic timer  Armv8-A
   PMU  PMUv3
   Debug  Armv8-A (plus Armv8.2-A extensions)
   CoreSight  CoreSightv3
   Embedded trace macrocell  ETMv4.2 (instruction trace)

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Mobile Computing

Smartphones, laptops, and wearable devices need the right performance at the right power efficiency to satisfy the demands of consumers. The Cortex-A55 is designed to deliver top performance in constrained environments, making it ideal for mobile devices.


The car is the most complex electronic device many of us will buy, with more than 100 electronic control units soon to become the norm for most vehicles. More than 85 percent of infotainment systems and many under-the-hood applications are built with Arm-based chips.

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