Build Secure SoCs for High-end IoT

The Arm Corstone-700 foundation IP offers flexible subsystem and system IP to help build secure SoCs for rich IoT nodes, gateways, and embedded applications. A flexible compute architecture combines Cortex-A and Cortex-M processors and allows expansion for sensors, connectivity, video, audio, and machine learning at the edge.

Features and Benefits
Fastest way to build Microsoft Azure Sphere-compliant SoCs

Corstone-700 has benefitted from the collaboration between Arm and Microsoft to bring the ultimate security into IoT devices, and features many critical elements like tight control from a secure enclave, TrustZone technology or firewalls to isolate external systems.


A flexible, secure hardware foundation integrating subsystem, processors and key building blocks for an SoC.

Save Time

Standardized programming interfaces for inter-processor communication to save time and lower risk in your development and Linux-based software support for fast ramp up of rich IoT applications.


Benefit from a thoroughly reviewed security architecture.


Align on Arm's IoT system architecture for improved software reusability.

Use Cases
Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Suited to machine learning solutions including: computer vision, voice recognition, monitoring and gateway protocol conversion. Data reduction and analysis at the edge reduces latency and data for cloud communication.

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