Build Secure SoCs for the IoT

The Arm SDK-700 System Design Kit offers a solution to help build secure SoCs for rich IoT nodes, gateways, and embedded applications. A flexible compute architecture combines Cortex-A and Cortex-M processors and allows expansion for sensors, connectivity, video, audio, and machine learning at the edge.


  • A flexible, secure hardware foundation integrating subsystem, processors and key building blocks for an SoC
  • A standardized programming interface for inter-processor communication
  • Pre-built security IP, including firewalls, secure enclave and Arm TrustZone technology 
  • Built on the principles of the Platform Security Architecture 


Flexible compute enables the rich Linux development environment and performance of Cortex-A, combined with the high efficiency and real-time capability of Cortex-M processors.  A pre-integrated subsystem accelerates time-to-security and reduces risk for SoC developers by building on the principles of the Platform Security Architecture. Take advantage of a single development environment and benefit from a huge ecosystem of software, OS and tools for your product, including Trusted Firmware.

  • Save time and risk in your development

  • Benefit from a thoroughly reviewed security architecture

  • Align on Arm's IoT system architecture for improved software reusability

Use Cases 

Having more powerful processors in IoT end nodes is becoming a requirement in many applications. SDK-700 serves these needs and more, for example:

Easily Integrate Media Processing Elements

Perfect for high-end wearable applications, voice-activated assistants, connected cameras and many more.

Manage Demanding Workloads

Suited to machine learning solutions including: computer vision, voice recognition, monitoring and gateway protocol conversion. Data reduction and analysis at the edge reduces latency and data for cloud communication.

Perform Complex Control Operation

Thanks to the Arm Cortex-M processor with real-time capabilities, and the Arm Cortex-A processor running an easy-to-use a Linux environment.

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Related Products

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