Arm Flexible Access Survey FAQ

Why do we need your feedback?
We collect feedback from a range of sources – from surveys to face-to-face feedback at events. 
We want to ask users about their Flexible Access experience and identify what's going well and what we can improve. This is why we send out one survey following Flexible Access on-boarding sessions and once a year to all Flexible Access users. 

What do we do with your feedback?
Every item of feedback is read and sorted. Positive feedback is passed on to the relevant teams, and feedback that needs action is categorized and sent on to the relevant team for consideration.

What is the process from feedback to implemented change?
Sometimes it can take time to implement an idea or suggestion. This is because of the volume of requests that we get. We make sure that suggested changes are prioritized, so that any errors or high priority issues are resolved quickly.

What if I have an urgent issue?
Please raise any urgent issues via our Support Portal.