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VORAGO is the only pure-play, Rad-hard Arm® company, providing radiation hardened components for extreme environments.

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About VORAGO Technologies

VORAGO is a semiconductor solutions company that utilizes its patented and innovative HARDSIL® rechnology to develop superior radiation and temperature enduring performance in semiconductor circuits. Our technology has been proven in multiple process generations and is scalable to any generation node, including FinFET.

VORAGO has successfully incorporated the HARDSIL® technology into its own designs and Texas Instruments products across multiple process generations. These include high-density SRAMs, DSPs, and AMS parts. The technology's process-level application allows for hardened semiconductor components without compromising performance, power consumption, or circuit size. This enables system designers to access hardened semiconductor solutions with high performance in reduced form factors and lower power consumption.

Arm IP

  • Cortex-M

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  • Design Services


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  • Africa

Contacts at VORAGO Technologies

VORAGO Technologies contact: Jim Ramsey

Jim Ramsey

VP Worldwide Sales