TERAKI is a Berlin-based company dealing with increasing sensor data produced in connected devices. In a lightweight manner and at the edge, we smartly and 10x more efficiently select and process the relevant information of large amounts of sensor data (telematic, video, and 3D point cloud), leading to 20% safer and more reliable autonomous applications. Use cases include autonomous driving vehicles, delivery robots, teleoperation of forklifts, drones, and more. The company currently has 50 employees, with offices in Berlin and Tokyo.

TERAKI's solutions can be implemented on ARM's Cortex R52 and Cortex A53.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Edge Sensor Processing SDKs
    Edge Sensor Processing SDKs

    TERAKI's AI-Software enables the ingestion of large amounts of sensor data on ARM processors.

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  • thumbnail: Sensor Fusion
    Sensor Fusion

    TERAKI's AI-Software overcomes the physical challenges of individual sensor data and combines it to produce optimal sensor fusion results, increasing accuracy and safety of AD applications.

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