System Elite focuses on R&D in system level IC designs and wireless connectivity, such as Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15.4, Wi-Fi, and Sub-1G, along with the ability to offer a one-stop shop System-on-Chip (SoC) Turnkey solution for Smart IoT industries.
Wireless Connectivity: Domain experts in various wireless technologies, which are crucial for IoT devices to communicate wirelessly. These include Bluetooth, WiFi, and 2.4G.
SoC Turnkey Solutions: From initial hardware and software system design to integration, tape-out, verification, compliance certification, and mass production. It simplifies the development process and speeds up time to market.
Customization: Where a wide range of IoT devices require unique and specific solutions, System Elite puts emphasis on customized connectivity SoCs. This offers flexibility in customization for customer’s unique requirements.
Semiconductor Partners: With tier-1 partners in silicon IP and foundry services, offers the best-in-class and reliable devices.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Custom SoC for Efficient Smart IoT Development
    Custom SoC for Efficient Smart IoT Development

    System Elite’s IP, sub-system, and SoC Turnkey solutions are based on reusable architectures, and can be assembled, expanded, and modified based on customer's specifications. This is the best solution to service the fragmented IoT requirements.

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