SUZHOU YINKE ELECTRONICS.CO.,LTD.established in 2005, is a world leading company, who specialises in the 3C consumer batteries pack and related busbar business. Yinke is also a global leading company in designing, manufacturing and distribution of sophisticated components for small power battery packs and precision parts of new energy parts in automobile industry.
The research and development, production and management of YINKE are packed full of AI. With the support of massive data, the MES system of YINKE has the functions of intelligent data mining, analysis and prediction. The intelligent autonomous mobile robot also has rich interactive means such as accurate character recognition, speech recognition, gesture recognition, etc., which brings easy human-AMR interaction experience and improves the efficiency of the production line. All this benefits from the application of deep learning and the support of Arm high-performance Cortex-A chips.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: YINKE-AI used on AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot)
    YINKE-AI used on AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot)

    YINKE uses a high-performance Arm Cortex-A chip and independently developed target tracking, image recognition, voice recognition and other algorithms to solve the technical problems of human-AMR interaction in the industry.

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