SigmaStar was established in 2017, with a team originating from MStar. Focusing on audio and video processing chips, the products cover IP Cam, USB Cam, NVR, DVR, vehicle electronics, Action camera, smart home, robot, industry and other fields.
SigmaStar has rich experience in the entire SoC design process, adheres to independent research and development of major IPs, and has leading advantages in fields such as image signal processing (ISP) and audio video encoding and decoding. It actively invests in chip research and development in new fields such as artificial intelligence. In the segmented market of full HD driving recorders and the market of digital network cameras and network recorders, the shipment volume remains at the forefront.
As part of the Arm Partner Program and development community, we hope to help more companies and developers around the world improve development efficiency.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: The Application of SigmaStar SSD22X Scheme in the AIOT Market
    The Application of SigmaStar SSD22X Scheme in the AIOT Market

    SSD222/222D/222Q is a single chip embedded CPU with screen display and camera functions. It adopts the Arm Cortex-A7 dual-core processor, with a main frequency of 1GHz and a high-performance ISP core, with 64MB DDR2/128MB DDR3/256MB DDR3 built-in.

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