SensiML pioneered software tools simplifying the development of TinyML code for IoT sensor applications. SensiML Analytics Toolkit not only automates complex AI and code generation but also addresses one of the most common causes of failure in AI projects with a unique approach to data collection and labeling. SensiML provides the most complete breadth of functionality from easy point-and-click UI model creation to full pipeline control of the model build and test workflow. With proven examples spanning applications from agricultural machine monitoring to consumer IoT wake word detection, SensiML enables developers to build production-grade smart sensor devices faster, tinier, better, and more efficiently than ever before.

Solution Briefs

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    SensiML Analytics Toolkit

    Automated data labelling, full code transparency and beginner-to-advanced interface options.

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  • SensiML Web Tutorial Series Blog
    SensiML Web Tutorial Series

    SensiML is committed to making a AI at the edge both open and easy for developers to innovate new smart IoT product concepts.

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  • Accelerate Edge AI Creation for a Competitive Edge Arm Tech Talk
    Accelerate Edge AI Creation for a Competitive Edge

    Hear all about SensiML's tools designed for production scale product development.

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