The home of R2D is located in South Korea at the out-skirt of the Seoul metropolitan area.
Yet, we are expanding our local support power in various countries such as the EU and India.
Since we are a technology-oriented company, mainly focusing on solution research and development.
Therefore, most of our people are highly experienced engineers and researchers from various backgrounds.
On top of this, all of our people understand very well about the automotive industry requirement and procedures which eventually put us in a very strong position in the market.
We see the wide-open opportunities for software-based solutions for the automotive industry and are pursuing to take a leading position.
As all we know that even the largest river starts from a single drop of rain, we, R2D, will make an enormous influence in the automotive industry.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: SDR based Global Digital Radio
    SDR based Global Digital Radio

    All are possible with α-Infuser™
    ⦁ All Digital Tuner Support
    ⦁ Various Processor Type Support
    ⦁ All Automotive Platform Support
    ⦁ Flexible Interface Method
    ⦁ Supports all Existing and Future Digital Radio Standards

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  • Benefits of Alpha-Infuser Brochure
    Benefits of Alpha-Infuser

    ⦁ Same H/W platform, but All Standards
    ⦁ Same Production Line
    ⦁ Less Cost Everywhere
    ⦁ Less Re-Engineering
    ⦁ No Delivery Issue
    ⦁ No Unfixable Issue
    ⦁ Flexible Configuration with Less Footprint
    ⦁ Ready for Future Standard

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  • Benefits of TruWave Brochure
    Benefits of TruWave

    ⦁ Highly Flexible Audio Chain Configuration
    ⦁ Versatile for Easy Adaptation
    ⦁ The Most Competitive Price
    ⦁ No Need of Extra H/W or chips
    ⦁ Multi-Process Ready

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