OmniSpeech® was founded by world-renowned speech scientist and electrical engineer, Dr. Carol Espy-Wilson. Based on decades of research into acoustic phonetics, speech production and speech perception, OmniSpeech takes a novel approach to the challenge of ensuring clear speech in noisy environments leveraging AI / ML. OmniSpeech's groundbreaking speech extraction technology reduces virtually all background noise and improves voice intelligibility on any platform or device. Renowned for its small CPU footprint integrations, low latency real-time processing, and low power consumption, OmniSpeech technology is available in a wide array of hardware and software configurations. OmniSpeech is a graduate of the VentureAccelerator program at the University of Maryland and has garnered a number of prestigious technology awards and licensing contracts with fortune 500 companies. OmniSpeech is a proud Arm partner and approved ISV.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: AI Powered Noise Suppression and Voice Clarity
    AI Powered Noise Suppression and Voice Clarity

    OmniSpeech, voice-AI software developer, is now offering embedded algorithms and development services including noise suppression for Arm core IP. Use cases include CE, auto, IoT, aerospace, defense, smart city, mobile computing, and more.

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  • OmniSpeech AI voice algorithm demos Video
    OmniSpeech AI voice algorithm demos

    Demo the performance of OmniSpeech AI voice technology on edge devices with Arm.

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