Neuton.AI Solution Briefs and Insights


About Neuton.AI

Neuton.AI is an Auto TinyML platform that enables users to automatically build exceptionally tiny models without coding and natively embed them into 8, 16, and 32-bit MCUs or smart sensors! The platform has a patented Neural Network Framework under the hood, which is not based on any existing algorithms and allows to build ML models with minimal size and without loss of accuracy. Neuton.AI supports sensor and tabular data, and helps to perform the most common tiny machine learning tasks such as recognizing gestures and human activity, enhancing smart home devices and appliances, creating smart human interfaces, performing predictive maintenance, monitoring device conditions, and controlling physical assets. As part of Arm’s AI ecosystem, Neuton.AI facilitates the democratization of TinyML for users of any tech level. Thousands of developers worldwide use Neuton.AI to solve real-world challenges in varied domains absolutely free of charge.

Arm IP

  • Cortex-M

Partner Type

  • Development Tools
  • AI Software and Framework


  • North America
  • EMEA

Contacts at Neuton.AI

Neuton.AI contact: Kate Vasilenko

Kate Vasilenko

Product Director

Neuton.AI contact: Julia Munoz

Julia Munoz

Business Development Director