NetFoundry is the leader in cloud-native networking, enabling businesses to connect distributed applications simply, securely and cost effectively across the edge, cloud, and service meshes.

The NetFoundry platform, delivered as-a-service, lets businesses embed zero trust security into applications and connect applications to users without the costs and complexity of VPNs, custom hardware, and private circuits. The NetFoundry platform is accessed via APIs, SDKs, and DevOps tool integrations, enabling practitioners, application developers, and network administrators to get the levels of automation and agility which are only possible with connectivity-as-code.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Improve Security and Velocity By Embedding Zero Trust
    Improve Security and Velocity By Embedding Zero Trust

    Eliminate the barriers of a bolted-on secure networking infrastructure to improve business velocity and strengthen security - stopping the tug-of-war between security and business with security-as-code in your development and delivery lifecycle.

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  • Implementing True Zero Trust Networking Blog
    Implementing True Zero Trust Networking

    The rules of networking have changed. Implementing incremental changes around the edges by investing in 20-year-old technologies is destined to fail. A wholly new approach is needed. NetFoundry’s Zero Trust Network-as-a-Service Platform takes this approach.

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  • ZTNA as a Ransomware Defense Blog
    ZTNA as a Ransomware Defense

    NetFoundry zero trust is designed to isolate and contain ransomware. Deploying ZTNA in an overall zero trust architecture provides five important ransomware defense pillars.

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