MulticoreWare delivers software IP Solutions and Engineering Services serving a wide group of customers with solutions like Hardware Platform Compilers & Toolchains, SDK Libraries, Video codec and Algorithm & Data Engineering solutions using various vision & non-vision sensors (Radar, LiDAR, IMU, GPS, etc.).

MulticoreWare solutions are used in Automotive (ADAS/AD), Surveillance, Defence, Medical Imaging, IoT, Retail, Logistics, Industrial, Robotics, Smart City. MulticoreWare’s industry-leading video codec products (x266™/x265/Ultraziq) have been deployed in live streaming or VOD services across many broadcast customers.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: MulticoreWare’s Face AnalytiQ
    MulticoreWare’s Face AnalytiQ

    Highly scalable, Feature-rich Face AI engine that delivers high performance and high accuracy to the edge devices and enterprise market.

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