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About inx

At Inx, we’re transforming the DNA of embedded software development: Imagine a reality where creating device software really is as simple as selecting components, connecting them together and adding your business logic value without snags when it comes to delivery.

The inxware platform is built from the bottom-up and designed from the top-down to appeal to seasoned engineers and product managers looking to gain an advantage when building modern, secure IoT products. inxware is the most advanced no-code platform on the market: Applications “Just Work” every time for any platform. The lucid development environment encourages the use of professional software design models, so your products will be easy to QA, maintain and extend.

In a landscape where complexity grows daily, inxware unlocks unprecedented efficiency, innovation and quality.

Arm IP

  • Cortex-A
  • Cortex-M
  • Mali GPUs
  • Mali Image Signal Processors

Partner Type

  • Development Tools


  • EMEA

Contacts at inx

inx  contact: Pierre Drezet

Pierre Drezet

Technical Director