InnoWave has unmatched expertise in the world of vision and in-depth expertise in the areas of firmware development for video processing, embedded systems, and many others.
Arm collaborates with InnoWave on the Arm Mali-C32, Mali-C52, Mali-C55,
Mali-C71AE and Mali-C78AE ISP platforms for multiple applications, such as
automotive, industrial security cameras, smart homes, and drones.
— We develop, port, and optimize custom imaging algorithms and deliver the most optimal solutions for various use cases.
— We deliver exceptional IQ performance by providing image quality tuning services which help reduce time-to-market significantly.
— Our end-to-end imaging solutions include custom camera modules design, image quality tuning, sensor drivers, and adapter board design.
— We provide deep expertise in machine learning and computer vision development services.

Solution Briefs

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    Image Quality Tuning

    We provide a complete imaging pipeline which includes software drivers, image quality tuning, camera adapter board design, and other services.

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