Ignitarium is a boutique product engineering design house that combines its deep expertise in semiconductor, AI and wireless-enabled embedded systems to realize cost-effective system solutions to solve demanding real world use cases. Ignitarium has a global footprint with presence in India (Bengaluru and Kochi), USA (San Jose and Austin), Japan and Europe.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Ignitarium Real-time Noise Suppression
    Ignitarium Real-time Noise Suppression

    Ignitarium’s Real-time Noise Suppression (IGN-RNS) is an AI-based solution for high performance noise suppression on low-cost microcontrollers.

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  • thumbnail: Ignitarium Voice Command Recognition
    Ignitarium Voice Command Recognition

    Ignitarium’s Voice Command Engine (IGN-VCE) is an AI based approach which is highly optimized and built ground-up targeting micro-controllers.

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  • thumbnail: Ignitarium: SoC Development for a Radar SoC
    Ignitarium: SoC Development for a Radar SoC

    The Radar SoC is designed for use in Level 1 to Level 3 autonomous driver assist systems (ADAS).

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  • Ignitarium Delivers Real-time Noise Suppression Case Study
    Ignitarium Delivers Real-time Noise Suppression

    See how Arm technology drives Ignitarium’s AI-based real-time noise suppression software.

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