EnSilica is a leading fabless supplier of complex mixed signal and digital ASICs to OEMs and system houses. The company has world-class expertise in supplying custom RF, mmWave, mixed signal and digital ASICs for automotive, industrial, healthcare and communications markets.

The company is expert in architecting and bringing to market complex first-of-a-kinds solutions using the full range of Arm technologies.

Our expertise covers the design of high-integrity products for industrial, automotive and satellite sectors. We have a development flow allowing us to meet the stringent requirements of standards including the automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 and our production engineering team are experience in working to the AEC-Q100 qualification standard.

Our customers including world leading industrial OEMs and automotive Tier 1s as well as innovative fast moving start-ups and scale-ups who require EnSilica’s know-how to bring their Arm based solution to a silicon.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Functional Safety in Robotic SoC Applications
    Functional Safety in Robotic SoC Applications

    When safety and a high level of integration are both necessary, the implementation in a SoC is the optimum solution in order to provide a fully customized answer to the strict architectural constraints dictated by the applicable safety standards.

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  • Safety Concepts for an Arm-based Robot Controller SoC Whitepaper
    Safety Concepts for an Arm-based Robot Controller SoC

    Industrial robots use high-power motors that can pose a risk to people working nearby. In this white paper, Arm Functional Safety Partner EnSilica collaborates with Arm to outline two SoC concepts for safety-related robot control applications.

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