Dover Microsystems’ mission is to protect the world’s processors against network-based attacks. Dover’s patented CoreGuard® security IP acts as a bodyguard to the host processor, monitoring every instruction executed to prevent the exploitation of software vulnerabilities.

Historically, companies have relied on layers of defensive software, however, all complex software—including cybersecurity software—has bugs and these bugs can be exploited by attackers to wreak havoc and cause significant damage.

CoreGuard IP is hardwired directly into the silicon, next to the host processor, providing a physical layer of protection and making it unassailable over the network. CoreGuard provides essential oversight to embedded systems, ensuring every instruction complies with a set of security, safety, and privacy rules. If an instruction violates a rule, CoreGuard stops it from executing in real time before any damage can be done.

Solution Briefs

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    Discover how Dover’s CoreGuard® oversight system immunizes processors against the exploitation of software vulnerabilities.

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  • The Cybersecurity Stack Whitepaper
    The Cybersecurity Stack

    Learn about the seven layers of today’s cybersecurity stack and why each layer is important to securing an embedded system.

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  • Protecting Today’s Processors Whitepaper
    Protecting Today’s Processors

    Read an academic explanation of how CoreGuard can stop entire classes of network-based cyberattacks.

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  • Securing AI and ML Whitepaper
    Securing AI and ML

    Learn how CoreGuard stops attacks that attempt to modify trusted data going into the AI subsystem or alter input data for the AI control algorithm.

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  • Safety in Our Embedded Systems Whitepaper
    Safety in Our Embedded Systems

    See how CoreGuard can ensure functional safety by defining the safe states of a system and enforcing only the allowed transitions.

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