Digica is a consultancy services company specialising in the application of Artificial Intelligence technologies such as Machine and Deep Learning to address health, security and efficiency challenges across the globe. Our growing team of Data Scientists and Software Engineers combine our AI expertise with the development of smart intelligent solutions from edge to Cloud, working with major companies and innovative start-ups across many industries including Automotive, Defence and Medical.

With an engineering team based in Poland, together with UK, US and Germany business development capabilities, we work with a range of leading edge companies across the project life-cycle, from concept creation and research, to prototyping and MVP, through to full deployment, testing and ongoing support.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Computer vision-based robotic console detection system
    Computer vision-based robotic console detection system

    A computer vision implementation designed for robots to detect a range of object classes in hazardous environments, deployed on a constrained Cortex-M platform.

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