The Sentinel is CXL's AI toolkit that makes conservation tools smarter. It upgrades wildlife monitoring tools — like trail cameras and acoustic recorders — with revolutionary and intuitive AI technology. Through this system, we can turn millions of monitoring devices into active tools that directly address some of the underlying drivers of extinction including preventing the spread of invasive species and wildlife trafficking. This breakthrough platform empowers conservationists to rapidly respond to wildlife-related threats by processing environmental data in real-time as it’s collected.

The Sentinel collects and filters data which benefits conservation by:
- Alleviating manual tedious labor;
- Allowing for reallocation of resources to more impactful avenues of work; and
- Enabling short term decision making using real-time data.

Solution Briefs

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    Conservation X Labs (CXL) AI on Environmental Edge Devices

    Autonomously monitor land in real-time with actionable insights on wildlife presence.

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