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Delivering the first multigigabit fully digital SerDes: best-in-class latency, low power, resilient to PVT, no PLL/DLL required, and low footprint.

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Chronos Tech is a US based company developing game changing IPs and fabric interconnect solutions to enable next-generation intelligent System-on-Chips (SoCs) targeting modern heterogeneous systems across multiple dies, in a wide range of applications, such as HPC, cloud computing, AI, mobile and automotive. Our multigigabit fully digital SerDes is the first soft-IP capable of achieving best-in-class latency performance within a low power envelope, and small footprint, while not requiring any high-speed clocks or analog/mixed-signal block. Our automated deployment allows us to break the "Memory Wall" faced by data intensive computational tasks such as training neural networks or real-time autonomous operation while simplifying floorplan and timing closure at system level.

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Chronos Tech contact: Behrooz Abdi

Behrooz Abdi


Chronos Tech contact: Stefano Giaconi

Stefano Giaconi


Chronos Tech contact: Giacomo Rinaldi

Giacomo Rinaldi

VP of Engineering