ax Inc. is a company that provides a variety of services in the field of AI. Using our proprietary deep learning framework “ailia SDK”, we are working towards a future where AI is embedded in every device. ailia SDK is a framework specialized for AI inference which can be used with Cortex-A series and Mali-GPU. It is optimized with NEON and Vulkan to deliver the world's best inference speed and performance. We also provide a library of more than 220 pre-trained models, known as “ailia MODELS”, which can be used out-of-the-box to add AI functionalities into applications without training. Since ailia SDK supports ONNX format (opset10 and 11), you can use models that have been independently trained with frameworks such as TensorFlow or Pytorch. You can also export your own pre-trained models in ONNX format and use them directly with ailia SDK. It becomes easy to take models that have been trained on PC, and use them directly on edge devices. ailia SDK is the most user-friendly inf

Solution Briefs

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    ailia SDK

    ailia SDK is cross-platform inference engine at the fast.

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  • ailia AI showcase Case Study
    ailia AI showcase

    ailia AI showcase features examples of deep learning models running on your device.

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  • Support for Arm Mali by ailia SDK Blog
    Support for Arm Mali by ailia SDK

    Released ailia SDK 1.2.12

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