ASICLAND specializes in semiconductor design and turnkey services. Our commitment lies in delivering our expertise and experience to your chip.

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As an Arm Approved Design Partner and Arm Total Design Partner, ASICLAND pledges to offer the best semiconductor design and turnkey services, enabling customers to overcome all barriers and produce the most competitive chips. Founded in 2016, we were designated as a Value Chain Alliance partner of TSMC in 2019. We accompany you on “a promising journey to Silicon Success.”

- 2016, Founded ASICLAND Corporation
- 2018, Appointed as an Arm ADP(Approved Design Partner)
- 2019, Appointed as a TSMC VCA(Value Chain Alliance) Partner
- 2023, 5nm Design Service
- 2024, Appointed as an Arm Total Design Partner

Arm IP

  • Cortex-A
  • Cortex-M
  • Cortex-R
  • Ethos NPUs
  • Mali GPUs
  • Neoverse
  • Neoverse Compute Subsystems
  • System IP

Partner Type

  • Design Services


  • APAC

Contacts at ASICLAND

ASICLAND contact: Sean Lee

Sean Lee

Senior Director / Head of Global Strategy

ASICLAND contact: YJ Kim

YJ Kim

Director / IP Team Leader