ARDIC develops IIoT, Mobile IoT, AI/ML, Web3.0 solutions for Manufacturing, Financial, Mobile, Government and Services markets. The strength of ARDIC’s solutions lies in its subject matter expertise and its purpose built, seamlessly integrated Cloud and Edge computing architecture. We deploy with the public clouds as well as our own cloud which can be deployed at a location of the clients choosing. We pride ourselves in our ability to deploy compute resources where it is best suited for the application. This allows superior outcomes in terms of performance, resilience and cost. We depend on Arm powered Edge Gateways for
• AI/ML training at the Edge (TF-Lite for gateways, TinyML for sensor attached devices),
• Inferencing at the Edge for lowest latency and highest resiliency possible,
• Data aggregation (reduced network load, dependable time stamps,...)
• Peripheral management (sensor, actuator,...)
by using the CPU/GPU/NPUs and networking powered by Arm at the edge to perform AI/ML.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: ARDICTECH ML Edge Processing Solution
    ARDICTECH ML Edge Processing Solution

    Delivering Edge / Mobile adapted AI trained models to ARM based end-point devices.

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