Aizip was founded in August 2020 in the heart of Silicon Valley. The founders are leading AI
experts and veteran executives with strong records in both academia and industry. Arm is an
important platform for Aizip. The company has developed models for IC partners with various
Arm Cortex M and A series.

The company has developed proprietary design tools and innovative model architectures to
support its AI design for edge applications. Generative AI and other foundation models have
been used to realize automated design tools. Aizip offers turn-key solutions to its partners and
customers in device, module, product, and service sectors.

Aizip provides broad range of AI models for vision, audio, and time-series applications for both
consumer and enterprise markets. The company has delivered hundreds of models to its
customers worldwide. Some of these models are in volume shipping. Among the many
recognitions the team has received is the AI/ML product award in Sensors Converge 2023.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Robust AI Solution on Low Cost, Low Area Renesas Device Built on Cortex-M4
    Robust AI Solution on Low Cost, Low Area Renesas Device Built on Cortex-M4

    Supported by ARM tools, the solution that we implemented with Renesas was a five-model system with robustness on the Cortex-M4-based device. This has been proven to provide an excellent balance between cost and accuracy for many applications.

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  • Software Driven TinyML Hardware Co-Design Video
    Software Driven TinyML Hardware Co-Design

    Software-hardware codesign is essential to enable robust TinyML system. Aizip’s co-design services covers both digital and the emerging analog processing-in-memory accelerators. Our solution ensures PIM products to deliver power and cost savings.

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